Thursday, 9 April 2009

Horus vs Ra

Andie said...
Ra and Horus are different gods but even the ancient Egyptians sometimes got a little confused about some of their gods and would associate one with another. This is partly they are both shown as birds of prey, partly because different gods were preferred at different times in Egyptian history, and also because some gods were more revered in some cities than others.

Ra is a very ancient god, the sun-god who is often shown as a hawk, who the earliest pharaohs thought was the father of all the gods, including the pharaohs themselves. The pharaohs were always called "son of Ra".

Some other gods were also given the name of Ra eventually because they had so many features in common. We therefore see Amon-Ra (who used to be Amon).Horus looks similar to Ra and can be shown as a falcon or hawk. He was the son of the god Osiris and the goddess Isis. He was a sky god but he was also responsible for the welfare of the kings, so he is often shown in tombs.The Egyptians clearly realized that Ra and Horus had a very similar job so in some places the two gods are shown as one god, named Ra-Horakhty.

Thursday, 09 April, 2009

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  1. Yeah I'm slowly understanding more as i read more legends. I did a project on the battles of Horus and Seth and when i was looking into their family history, it was very confusing, but their myths were really cool. I'm fascinated by how much the citizens worshipped and loved the gods, and how each god had a special power. Their pictures, well i guess people's interrpetations of the hieroglyphs are a bit confusing too, specially wikipedias they all look the same haha. Horus was shown as a falcon, and Ra was shown as a falcon with a sun on his head so i was a bit confused, but it makes sense now that i know Ra was sometimes shown also as a falcon or halk. Does knowing the myths of the gods help in your job, and do you have any favorites? Thank You :)